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Hilary Lindsay

I'm Hilary Lindsay. My unique learning model can make a real difference in many contexts and I am very excited about its potential. The framework will change mindsets and help develop new patterns of learning so that individuals and organisations can face the future with confidence.

My approach is generating a great deal of interest and I am being asked to present at conferences, to facilitate workshops and to work with individuals. My aim is to engage people with the framework and help them develop their careers through new patterns of learning.

You can read here about the complete professional, the unique framework that emerged from my doctoral research into the learning patterns of ICAEW Chartered Accountants. The pages on this website tell you about the academic research underpinning the framework and about the related concept of career adaptability. You can also read about three patterns of learning, the status quo, changing yourself and changing your world and see an example of the model in use. Finally there's some more about me.

I know the model works. Since I created it and started following it in 2013 I haven't looked back! If you think I may be able to help you please get in touch with me at